Telematics, in a broad sense, is any integrated use of telecommunications with information and communications technology. As technology continues to connect our world, the flow of data becomes more and more integrated into our everyday lives.Orsay International is your partner for real-time tracking of vehicles, assets and people anytime, anywhere.

Companies of all sizes invest a lot of time, energy and focus into solutions and technologies used to gather and analyse data and produce easy-to-understand information about their operations. Understanding the needs of the industry we have introduced telematics solutions for tracking anything, anytime, anywhere.

Our Services

Enhanced Connectivity

When machines aren’t working, they’re not making money. This disadvantage can be magnified in remote location such as offshore or mining operations, where downtime can be measured in five figures per hour. Ensuring fleet managers are connected to their machines — and machines are connected to each other — is critical to profitability.

Remote service

Orsay International includes an easy-to-use Web-based access portal that runs on virtually any Internet-connected device, so software and parameter updates can be sent to one machine or an entire fleet from a laptop or smartphone.

Efficiency management

Keeping machines and operators working at peak efficiency can mean the difference between profit and loss, significantly impacting the bottom line.WithOrsay International, it’s easy to track and monitor the efficiency-related data that can make a difference to profitability, so managers can make decisions to drive improvement.

Fleet management

Whether it’s a fleet of two machines or 200, Orsay International can provide convenient, real-time access to fleet data — significantly improving machine availability, lowering maintenance costs, and creating numerous other money-saving opportunities.


When equipment is the lifeblood of a business, that equipment needs to be strongly safeguarded. We incorporate robust anti-theft technology to help keep expensive investments safe and businesses running.

Operator safety

Operators often work on jobsites under potentially hazardous conditions and in remote, limited-access locations. They can stay better protected with safeguards available through Orsay International.