Product Sourcing & Representation

Sourcing is known as a business practice, which searches, finds, evaluates and absorbs manufacturers and suppliers of goods and services. In other words it is a specific kind of service, which creates a platform where multiple manufacturers, suppliers and service providers meet a chain of customers, related to their own fields of expertise. Orsay involves itself for the same, focused primarily on railways and Rolling stock car industry. We have partnered with proclaimed manufacturers and suppliers aiming to take a leading stand in modernizing Railway systems.

Sourcing Strategy for India

Orsay has developed its expertise in strategic sourcing enabling a chain of supply management, re-modeling and re-evaluating procurement activities. Our sourcing solution leads our customers and suppliers towards a smoother transaction maintaining transparency and promptness. We cover the following vital aspects of sourcing process to maximize the benefits of our customers and suppliers.

  • Acquire domestic and international supplier information
  • Strategize supplying procedures
  • Implement supply strategies
  • Evaluate and supervise supply performance

Orsay believes in sourcing optimization and we strive to attain utmost customer satisfaction.

Our Approach

To carry out the mission and vision ahead, Orsay maintains a strict approach in executing each project it undertakes. Implementing every step of the methodology it follows. Orsay has developed an unique methodology followed meticulously during each project it undertakes. We ascertain the following procedures with all our customers irrespective of the nature and scale of the business deal.

  • We maintain a rigorous documentation process to avoid ambiguity. An evaluation process follows as soon as we come to know about our customer's requirements.
  • An expert advice through our consulting service is offered conducted by our senior experts from different sections of engineering, especially from mechanical, electronic and electrical streams.
  • We convert each description of requirement into a technical drawing and measurement and assign our respective technical experts to execute the project requirement.
  • A deadline is fixed for each level of the project and it is indubitably met and an estimate is created before the agreement is signed from both the sides.
  • Once an agreement is done, Orsay starts up the research work to model the perfect design, click fitting the requirements.
  • The best of the respective manufacturers and suppliers are intimidated about the project, a comparative study is done by our senior executives regarding the terms and conditions as well as the cost they have estimated.
  • The latest international standard is followed in each category of the project at the lowest cost.
  • We have tie ups with the most proclaimed manufacturers and suppliers across countries and Orsay is known for uncompromised quality assurance.
  • Manufacturers, suppliers are instructed to follow the exact description using the best quality of materials to amour uncompromised safety measures.
  • As a locomotive and transit service provider, we respect the value of time and space. We reach you at your doorstep maintaining strict punctuality and quality assurance.
  • The above is followed up with options for availing on-going support and after sales service mechanism.

Orsay believes in sourcing optimization and we strive to attain utmost customer satisfaction.

Why Orsay

Orsay has crafted an integrated system of sourcing and other value added services, projecting special security measures for our customers. Partner with us to insure the following advantages, exclusively rendered by Orsay:

  • A panel of staff with highest degree of qualification, experience and skill set.
  • A board of consultants specialized in an array of engineering streams with the knowledge and experience that leads you the best way to a better tomorrow.
  • A global network of the best manufacturers and suppliers who will ensure uncompromised quality of materials along with the output of the exact customized design specially made for your choice.
  • A timely delivery of products at your doorstep, protected from all possible damage and legal issues.
  • A friendly nature of relationship among the partners understanding and flexibly adjusting with your terms and conditions.
  • A costing, subsidized and adjusted based on Indian economics.
  • A partner for you in consulting, engineering, material sourcing, logistics support for shipping and custom clearance.

To encourage technology, speed, communicability and comfort, let Orsay help you in all the ways you need.