PROConnect ERP

In today’s world, businesses are becoming digitalised. In a world where robots are gearing to enter the front-office, enterprises need to think radically to survive.

Focusing on ERP as a tool to improve operations will no longer suffice.

It is here that Born-in-cloud enterprise solutions are redefining the digital backbone of organizations that are keen to innovate and succeed in a volatile, uncertain and complex market

Our Services

CRM & Sales

Orsay’sCRM Sales helps you have a 360-degree view of customers, prospects, competitors and your salesforce. This empowers you to develop customer-centric business strategies to serve and retain them better.

Accounts & Finance

Whether you operate a single company or are part of a multi-national conglomerate, the application enables you to monitor your bottom-line and streamline your financial operations across the enterprise.

Project Management

With Orsay’sProject management, you can be assured of planning and administering the project management tasks and resources, end-to-end. You can record goals and milestones and map them against actual performance.

Asset Management

We provides appraisal software and consulting services, facilities management software and services, fleet management systems, fixed asset management software and integrated automated fueling systems to organizations

HR, Payroll & KB

Orsayequips you with a whole new league of necessary tools and framework to manage your recruit-to-retire cycle, strategically. With Orsay, you can create business value for your entire workforce across the organization.


Orsay dashboard provides you a comprehensive offers you to address a wide spectrum of project monitoring, asset monitoring, inventory management, WHAT-IF analysis, financial control.