e-Sourcing Services

Full E-Sourcing Projects

In a Full e-Sourcing Project scenario, we work alongside the client purchasing organization in,

  • Identifying the categories to be sourced through e-Sourcing through data driven spend analysis
  • e-Sourcing schedule preparation per the category requirements and client needs
  • Supplier market development and pre-bid qualification
  • Conduction of e-Auction
  • Recommendations for final award
  • Like any other project scenario, this service suite have clearly defined targets, start and end-dates

E-Auction Services

In a Full e-Sourcing Project scenario, we work alongside the client purchasing organization in-

  • Post supplier market development by the client, we provide e-Auction service
  • The service includes OrsayeSourcing Pro license and technical support
  • Supplier training on tool usage
  • Completion of auction

E-Sourcing partnership model

In this scenario, we function as part of client Purchasing organization,

  • We agree on Service Levels – categories, schedule and timelines
  • We provide certainty of un-interrupted e-Sourcing services
  • We clearly define reporting and execution mechanism


e-Sourcing Vertical

e-Commerce Solutions

In 2013, Orsay International launched the e-Commerce vertical. We offer strong e-Sourcing capabilities for our clients with unique features

  • Complete suite of e-Sourcing solutions – from end-to-end to custom requirements
  • Enabled by in-house online auction platform: OrsayeSourcing Pro
  • Performance driven pricing system – our unique partnership model for our clients


Why online auctions

In the world of negotiations, there are few tactics as old and as well thought of as the “online auction”. This is a powerful negotiating technique that allows a buyer to get the sellers to offer their best pricing for the most amount of work.

  • Competition Works: when a buyer allows sellers who are competing against each other to “see” each other, it increases the level of competition
  • Apply Pressure To Management: the reverse auction technique allows the buyer to move beyond the salesperson and actually put pressure on the company’s management
  • Almost There Syndrome: each of the sellers has already put a lot of time and effort into responding to original proposal. This means that they all think that with just a little more effort they can close the deal
  • It’s Concession Time: sellers are more adverse to losing a deal during negotiations than earlier in a deal. This means that they may make concessions that they normally would not


Orsay eSourcing Pro: our in-house online auction platform

  • Our in-house developed online e-auction platform provides our clients with the freedom of auction customization and continuous technical support
  • Our technical expertise positions us uniquely in the market – one of the few service providers to offer end-to-end solutions, from platform usage license to full-suite e-Sourcing, with flexibility to partner with our clients

Platform Features

  • All types of Reverse and Forward auctions enabled
  • Country / Location and Currency choice
  • Participant Company information captured directly in the engine
  • Project database – that captures past event history
  • All auction rules enabled – Finance Rules, Timing Rules, Bidding Rules, Currency Rules, Market Feedback
  • Clear definition of Team members – Administrator, Buyer, Supplier
  • Detailed Lot creation features
  • Document upload and download features
  • Reports: Online reports of auction summary and results