Warehouse Management System

Orsay’sWarehouse Management System (WMS) starts with the basic receipt-GR-Put away-Pick-Pack-Despatch functions & goes on to support the sophisticated warehousing needs.

It leverages advanced fulfilment logic for wave management, constraint-based selection, real-time replenishment and eliminate costly physical counts with auditor-approved cycle counting functionality.

Our Services

Inventory Management

Management of inventory and stock. As an element of supply chain management, inventory management includes aspects such as controlling and overseeing ordering inventory, storage of inventory, and controlling the amount of product for sale.

Transport Management

This covers shipment order management, planning the order based on VSRC (Vehicle, Schedule, Routes and Constraints), load Planning, load consolidation, carrier selection, execution, documentation and billing.

Fleet Management

It provides complete asset visibility, helps you to track the asset condition; plan maintenance activities; carry out essential repairs; create maintenance budgets and manage the complete life cycle of the assets.

Hub Management

Orsay’s Hub Management solution caters to the need of managing In-Transit Hubs. This includes activities of arrival, departure, parent-child execution, resource planning, carrier scheduling etc.